Invest In Hedge Funds With Decheque

Decheque makes it easy for individuals to invest in hedge funds.

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Gain Access to the Private Investment World

With Decheque, you have everything you need to find, evaluate, and get in contact with private funds - accredited status verification, browsing and evaluating, negotiating with funds and generating reports.

Active Management

With managed funds, beat the market or protect your capital to better reach investment targets.

Instant Verification

Using Plaid, your net worth and income are instantly verified without a tax return.


Jump into the new age of finance with alternatives offerings tailored to your goals.

Why you should start using Decheque

Match  with funds

When you upload your financial data and goals, you'll be shown a list of funds tailored to their goals and risk tolerance.

Evaluate potential investments

Easily evaluate performance data and key performance indicators, as well as details about the fund's management and structure.

Instant Verification

Your net-worth and income are verified instantly when you sign up, satisfying the accredited investor requirement quickly and easily. No need for a tax return.

Negotiate instantly with built-in messaging

Have an interested client or question for a fund? Send them a message from within the app and quickly get a response.

Everything is faster with Decheque

No more cold calling or hunting for databases. Decheque is the only software you need to offer alternative investments.

Why private?

Specialized categories of Funds

Categories like Impact, Forex, Private Equity, Real Estate, and more are only available as alternative assets.  In the new era of finance, investors demand specific investment verticals.

Higher Performance than S&P 500 for smaller funds
Higher Risk.  Higher Reward.

Seek better returns at a greater risk.  Private funds are the only managed asset category that provide this option.  Some of Decheque's funds beat the S&P 500 by 300%.

Tax rate for many hedge funds
Tax Advantaged

Private funds are taxed as pass-through entities, making them tax advantaged for their investors. Most private funds pay no corporate tax and investments are counted as capital gains income.

Are you a Hedge Fund?

Hedge funds receive investment requests from Decheque members. List your fund and set your investment terms including fees & minimums. Investors on Decheque typically make investments between $50,000 and $250,000.

I'm a hedge fund

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