Raise Money with Decheque

Decheque makes it easy for private investment funds to raise capital from accredited investors.

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Market your investment fund

Regulations prohibit traditional marketing of private funds, making it very difficult to raise money from non-institutional partners.  With Decheque, your fund is shown to like-minded accredited investors through their financial advisors.  Since the platform is exclusive to funds and advisors, it is closed to the public, with no risk of general solicitation.

Accredited investors

Show your fund to accredited investors that meet your investment criteria.

No more cold calls

No more cold calls, unopened emails, or rejections from institutions.

Across the USA

Reach potential investors across the United States.

Up to date investors

Your fund's information can be managed instantly.

Why you should start using Decheque

Paint a full picture of your fund

Upload performance data, minimums and fees, documents, and more to showcase your fund.  Update the page in real time via direct editing or API.

The right person for the right fund

Your fund will be matched with investors based on risk tolerance, fees, and minimums.  There's no need to sort through lists of emails.

Directly in the hands of potential investors

Financial Advisors will show add your fund to reports and show them directly to their clients.

Analytics on your page

Visualize traffic, conversion, and messaging from the dashboard.

All the way accredited

Through the financial advisor, your fund is only shown to high-net-worth clients who meet the SEC's accredited investor income or net worth requirements.

Fund requirements


At least $100,000 in Assets Under Management


Six quarters of performance data

Investment minimum

Investment minimum under $500,000


Based in the United States

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