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Our Story

Decheque was founded when its CEO, Andrew Pignanelli, was having a discussion with his friend Woodrow Sun. Sun was frustrated with all of the problems raising money as a small hedge fund and Pignanelli came to him with a solution: Make it all digital. They teamed up with Woodrow’s friend Maxim Chipeev to start Decheque.


We’re here for one reason: To fix the access problem to private investment. We want it to be easier to find and research funds. We want it to be cheaper to get in contact with them. And we want small funds to get a chance. Private is better. More people should be able to take advantage of that, and we’re making it happen.

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  • Founded May 2019

  • Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Currently Raising our Seed Round

  • 4 People on our Team